Arthro Sup For Relief Natural Sips+ 45 Caps

Arthro Sup For Relief Natural Sips+ 45 Caps

Arthro Sup for Relief
from Pain in the Joints

Arthro Sup is an innovative and very powerful and effective blend of natural ingredients for the immediate relief of rheumatic pains, muscle pains, aches and swellings such as strains, sprains and sports injuries.
It helps relieve joint pain, promotes healthy joints and helps reduce chronic inflammation. Ideal for athletes, seniors and after hard work.


Indicated for:
• Joint pain.
• Difficulty moving.
• People who strain their joints every day.
• Athletes with long hours of training.
• Pain when bending the joints,
• Numbness in fingers and toes,
• Crisis of the joints,
• Swelling and redness of the joint,
• Feeling of sand in the joints

Statistics show that over 45% of people over the age of 35 have joint diseases! Everything starts with the little things: sprain, lifting the wrong weight, somewhere he got up, somewhere he just hit the neck. The joint is designed in such a way that the main problems start with inflammation of the joint ffluid, then softening of the cartilage occurs and, unfortunately, disability as a result.

Diseases that used to be inherent only with old age are rapidly becoming younger. Once only retirees used to complain of lower back and knee pain, now people who go to doctors with these problems are a just above over thirty.
Sedentary life, stress, abundance of salt and sugar in food. All this softens the cartilage tissue, wears it out and thins it with each new movement, the cartilage is deformed, the bones literally begin to "scratch" each other, causing a painful shock.

Arthro Sup not only relieves pain but at the same time promotes, healthy cartilage resulting in its restoration, the repair of muscle tissues and the activation of good blood circulation

In a nutshell Arthro Sup:
• Regenerates muscle tissue
• Repairs cartilage
• Increases blood circulation
• Eliminates joint and muscle pain
• Eliminates tingling


Vitamin C
Collagen Type II
Hyaluronic Acid

Dosage 2 capsules twice a day after meal
* No side effects
* If you are pregnant or suffer from any medical condition consult your healthcare provider

👉 All Nutritional Supplements Are Manufactured In Accordance With Strict European Directives And Regulations & IS022000 And Are Approved By The Cyprus Ministry Of Health

Receiving the “Arch of Europe Award”
The International Organization BID (Business Initiative Directions) based on the facts by IAE (International Arch of Europe Award for Quality TQM 100), granted the company the Gold Award Arch of Europe which is the International award for Quality.

Receiving an Award from the President of Cyprus